Open Letter: Don't take land you don't need

To all who may read this: elected officials, decision makers, people of influence, residents, property rights advocates and every one else.

I would also like to address several particular issues involving the Philadelphia Housing Authority/Sharswood eminent bill. I am intimately familiar with what is taking place. It is in my Ward, within the civic association I am a board member of and I have been to multiple meetings with PHA and part of what is being seized is the property of mine.

Testimony for Committee on Property and Public Works Regarding Bill 130156 “Philadelphia Land Bank”

Presented by Adam Lang
October 28, 2013

City Hall needs to fix the tax delinquent and city owned land problem in Philadelphia. The proposed legislation to create a land bank, a single agency to address this problem, is an attempt at this, but unfortunately as written, falls significantly short of actually addressing the problems or offering the necessary solutions.

City Hall Needs Better Bond/Debt Disclosure for Vote

City Hall Needs Better Bond/Debt Disclosure for Vote

Republican City Committee Recommends “No” On Debt Due to Lack of Details

Philadelphia, PA, October 24, 2013: Philadelphia Republican City Committee voted to recommend a “No” vote on the request for a bond issue for the Nov. 5th election due to lack of details on how the debt will be spent.

City Theft Proves City Mismanagement

Last month it was reported [“Former city worker pleads guilty in thefts”] that a City employee plead guilty to stealing $1.3 million in printer toner and UPS shipping costs from the Philadelphia Water Department. In response to this case, Mayor Nutter and Inspector General Kurland had used it as an example of how the IG’s office saves Philadelphia money.

While I fully support and encourage the tracking down of government corruption, the usefulness of the IG’s office is not what taxpayers and government officials should be taking away from this story. What this case shows is that City Hall hasn’t actually looked into cost-cutting and that they have no idea what it actually costs to run the government.

My City Council Testimony on Redistricting in Philadelphia

Adam Lang
August 16, 2011
City Council, Philadelphia

Hello President Verna and members of City Council. Today and over the coming weeks, many people will present recommendations for how the districts should be redrawn. In fact, council members Green and Sanchez can attest to a contest involving over 100 participants to do such a thing. In light of that I will instead speak about reform of the process itself.

PA PowerSwitch Information

Attached is some information I put together involving choosing your energy provider in Pennsylvania.

June 28, 2011

Philadelphia City Council is where job growth goes to die


THEY say "If you don't want something to get done, send it to a committee." And this is exactly what comes to mind after City Council unanimously passed Darrell Clarke's bill to put a proposed "Jobs Commission" on the May primary ballot.

Philadelphia 2011 District Council Campaign Finance Summary for 2010 End of Year

January 31, 2011

Idea based on finance reporting for other races.

All reports filed under seeking a Council Office. (District)

Asterisked entries look like corporations.
Double Asterisked entries are for other oddities.

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